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Survival Box (2019)

Survival Box is a movie starring Boris Bilic, Rod Black, and Michala Brasseur. Seven teenagers. Five months. Twenty feet underground. No exit. The gripping story of a handful of high school kids trapped in a wealthy Philadelphia...

IMDB: 4.41 Likes

  • Genre: Thriller |
  • Quality: 720p
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 910 / 929

The Synopsis for Survival Box (2019) 720p

Seven teenagers. Five months. Twenty feet underground. No exit. The gripping story of a handful of high school kids trapped in a wealthy Philadelphia family's backyard bunker.

The Director and Players for Survival Box (2019) 720p

[Director]William Scoular
[Role:]Jessica Cummings
[Role:]Michala Brasseur
[Role:]Rod Black
[Role:]Boris Bilic

The Reviews for Survival Box (2019) 720p

A movie for a generation!Reviewed byUruIncoherenteVote: 10/10

Survival Box is a must see for this generation! With Trump and Kim Jong Un making the kind of statements that could start a nuclear war, this movie is a Lord of the Flies for the nuclear age, and the movie will get this generation talking about how brutal, terrifying and nasty nuclear war is. It is beautifully acted by a young ensemble and expertly directed and shot - so much so that you actually feel like you are in the bunker with those kids! intense, gripping and totally immersive viewing, this movie is an absolute standout and unlike any of the other films I've seen in this genre.

Worst of worstReviewed byhiteshkhilleVote: 1/10

For 250 days and more they stay inside a bunker with no exit and limited source of water and electricity and food than also their clothes are in clean condition also how ever they manage to survive

Oof....Not worth itReviewed byowensknickVote: 2/10

2 stars......because it's a movie. And It's got....half decent bones (setting/camera-work.) The Truly just one messy trope cliche after another. Right off the bat, they make sure to throw in that one **** character every terrible movie has that is so far off the spectrum of a normal person it's laughable. In real life, if there were someone who is that much of a ****, people just wouldn't put up with you, let alone in a life or death end of days type scenario(He luckily doesn't have a ton of screen time). Anywho, the rest of the characters aren't much better, all falling into one or another type that has been recycled over and over again from every other poorly written movie out there. The other fun note, this bunker's automated systems kick in and seal this group inside. Yet there's about 3 seconds of them questioning whether it's maybe just a fluke. Then they all just kind of go, "yep, okay, world is over, everyone is probably dead" which would be fine if they acted ANYTHING remotely logically after that, instead it's paranoia and unexplained behavior left and right within a week or two. It's like the writers couldn't decide what each character would be...if they'd be survival experts, smart, stupid, grown ups, soap opera characters that give monologues, stoic non-emotional, hyper-emotional, or the spoiled rich kids they were supposed to be. So instead characters just change from scene to scene, thus the reasoning/thought process that you might be able to apply and fool yourself into believing to explain why a character would do something, has to switch every few moments for it to make any sense. Which becomes!

If you like the idea of this movie. But want something with characters who make sense with the way they are non-sensical due to circumstances. Something that is raw. Something that will leave you kind of feeling....icky. And point out what actually lies below the surface of humanity being kept in check by society. Watch a movie called The Divide. It also has an occasional meh-moment. But it literally beats this movie over the head with story/character based logic.

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